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MT Adv Study / Excerpts from the Original Transcripts

Three Levels of Student Participation

It is indeed true that the levels of commitment to the path vary to a great degree within the group.

There are those who say, “yes, I seek spiritual growth, I seek and I am open to input from my brothers”, and yet when that input is received, all kinds of rationalizations appear, such as, “that is his projection”, “that is his perception”, “I do not need to take on his problems”. Why not accept that, as we have said before, there is no helping each other.

The tool of photographing is of course valid only when it comes from a space of objectivity, and none of you is objective totally. Although on occasion all of you touch upon the periphery of objectivity, and are able to give valid photographs to your brothers.  There are others in the group who play all transmissions through the mechanical brain.

You judge, in fact you cannot accept, any message that does not fit into the slot which you allow for the message. If it differs, if it is a round peg in a square hole, then the mechanical brain puts it aside without trying it on through the intuitive process.

There are yet others in the cadre who are not earnestly seeking at all, but merely seeking the warmth of close personal relationships. Those operate completely at the level of fulfilling needs. They have not yet begun to understand the meaning of search for truth.

And so we see you at these three levels, with occasional surge of energy that truly penetrates into earnest seeking. Indeed, why cater — why not risk “losing” those who want to be lost anyway.

We have spoken before about vulnerability. You all operate from the basis of insecurity in your personalities, which all too often stops you from speaking what you perceive. This must come to an end. If there is any purpose to our being with you, you must cease this game of “if I tell him what I see I might be wrong and he won’t like me”.  This is not confrontation tactics, but merely accepting responsibility for your perceptions, and having the strength of vulnerability to express the perceptions. There is in the last analysis no confrontation except that which occurs when the essence is free enough to confront the personality. The confrontation is an inner thing. That is the only one that will produce growth. There is also a lack of trust among many of you in that if one opens the door just a crack perhaps the light will be so blinding that that one will not be able any longer to move in darkness. In other words, there will be no more excuses possible.

We do not judge you. It is not “good” or “bad” to be in either of the three spaces we have described. What is essential is that you turn your eyes inward and see clearly where you are. There can be no movement unless one comprehends his starting place.

February 9, 1975


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